Trans Activists Demand We Pay For Their Womb Transplants & Other Health Changes

News Image By Jonathon Van Maren/ February 14, 2019
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We are now collectively beginning to see what takes place when a society is in the grip of a mass delusion. This is not the first time in history that mass delusion has swept through a civilization, but it is undoubtedly the severest case. Elderly women and young mothers are being bullied by the police for insisting that biological men are men. 

New genders -- and I cannot find a single person who can actually name more than a half-dozen of the apparently 50-plus that now exist -- multiply almost weekly. Women can have penises. Men can get pregnant. Children should be taken at their word if they are confused about their gender.

Some of the manifestations of what we will one day see as a cultural insanity would be almost funny if totalitarian transgender activists didn't insist that those of us who chuckle painfully at their hysterics be immediately prosecuted. 

Like the example of Jessica Samson, a biological man identifying as a woman who made the news in January because he is "regularly reduced to tears" because the UK's National Health Service is having trouble scheduling him for laser hair removal surgery. (The news articles on this tragedy, of course, all obediently refer to Samson as a "she.") 

This surgery, says Samson, is essential, and the inability of the healthcare system to get him this purely cosmetic treatment is "mucking around with people's lives."

The 39-year-old Samson's major complaint is that he has to shave twice a day, which is difficult because he identifies as a woman. "It is difficult to explain why this is a big issue to anyone who hasn't had trans-thoughts," he noted. "But I've been on hormones long enough for my body to start changing. But I still grow a beard every day and I have to shave twice a day to maintain some sort of normal lifestyle." 

Did you catch that? Samson has to shave twice a day because otherwise his face will betray the truth about his sex -- that he is a man. That is what he unironically refers to as "some sort of normal lifestyle."

The National Health Service has come under massive strain attempting to catch up with the range of transgender services that are suddenly being demanded, especially over the past several years. Last week, the Daily Mirror reported that a leading British surgeon is now saying that "transgender women" -- biological males -- are "entitled" to womb transplants so that they can carry a child. 

Recently in Brazil, doctors announced the arrival of the first baby that was born using a "donor womb," which had been transplanted from a deceased donor to another woman. Now, Christopher Inglefield of the London Transgender Clinic says such transplants could quite easily be done for a biological male identifying as female as well.

More than that, Inglefield and several other experts are stating that free wombs for transgender people should be an inalienable right. "(O)nce the medical community accepts this as a treatment for cis-women with uterine infertility, such as congenital absence of a womb, then it would be illegal to deny a trans-female who has completed her transition," Inglefield stated. 

"There are clearly anatomical boundaries when it comes to trans women, but these are problems that I believe can be surmounted and the transplant into a trans-female is essentially identical to that of a cis-female." 

Further, the Mirror reported, "The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority confirm there are no regulations in place to prevent a trans woman who has received a uterus transplant from having IVF treatment."

A handful of trans advocates in the medical field, by the way, have been advocating for free wombs for transgender people (funded by you, the taxpayer!) for a couple of years now. Human rights in 2019 are whatever transgender people demand to bend biological reality to their will and transform children into a commodity that people can demand as a right. 

People often ask me when this delusion will stop pushing further, but it has become increasingly clear that this train has no brakes, it is picking up speed, and it is heading directly toward a sharp curve. We are being told that we must disbelieve our own eyes and suspend common sense in favor of a new ideology that has not yet finished evolving.

As I've noted before, one of the interesting things about the transgender delusion is that it is an ideology being imposed from the top-down. Go onto any construction site and start asking the workers there if men can get pregnant, or if women can have penises. 

Even better, try asking some farmers at a livestock auction whether men can have vaginas or whether a man identifying as a woman should be able to demand a free womb, funded by the taxpayer. You will search long and hard before you can find anyone who actually believes this stuff. Some of them may actually commit the heresy of laughing out loud.

Right now, the majority of people in our society have not yet bought into this nonsense. Trans activists will claim that polls indicate support for their ideology, but as one political analyst once put it, polls are commissioned to shape public opinion, not to measure it. 

They ask people questions like, "Should transgender people be treated with respect and dignity?" which is something I and everyone else I know would agree with whole-heartedly. They then use the resulting numbers to claim that their ideology is popular. 

But if they were to ask if pre-teen children should be put on hormone blockers, or whether a man can carry a child, or whether a biological male should be allowed in the girls' showers at school -- that would produce an entirely different series of answers altogether.

Originally published at The Bridgehead - reposted with permission

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