What The Government Wants To Know About You

News Image By Sandra July 14, 2017
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The government has always had its eyes on the people. For many reasons, the collective ruling class wants to have a very detailed picture of its population. 

Whereas this interest is sometimes purely financial (particularly those in the hands of lobbyists), the ultimate goal is control.

For this very reason, we've seen a major growth in cashless forms of payment, particularly in Europe. 

What seems to be a convenience to newer generations is anything but for the ruling elite. 

They are the first steps leading to a new world of control and oppression.

There's a war for your mind, and it's becoming gradually more technological.

Learning Your Habits and Beliefs

As governments become virtual arms of corporate interest, their desire to monitor all your financial activities increases. 

Doing so allows them to understand what you value and how to manipulate your behaviors.

Whether we realize it or not, how we spend our money says a lot about what's important to us. 

For instance, someone that spends thousands of dollars collecting would be more likely to respond to ads tailored to their hobby.

They would also be more interested in politicians that speak to their interests, even if those politicians don't actually represent their best interests. 

We see this routinely every election, with talking points directed at garnering votes based on empty promises or illusions of a given party being "relatable."

The government also wants to stamp out 'thought crimes' before they become action. 

Following the financial trail of an individual that is anti-government allows them to keep a closer eye on that person's activities.

For these reasons and more, the government absolutely hates cash. Cash is harder to track, more difficult to tax (due to underreporting) and can be stored outside of banks. 

Digital currency can be stored only in a bank--which means, at the end of the day, they hold all the cards. Their failure becomes your failure.

Watching Your Every Move

The massive increase in spying on the citizenry is largely the result of the biggest con in history. 

By taking advantage of very real dangers seemingly around every corner, the government has encouraged businesses, individuals and municipalities to install cameras at every business, at every intersection and in many homes.

This data is, in part, accessible by government. It allows them to prosecute people for crimes that would normally go ignored (victimless crimes) whenever that person steps out of line.

It's particularly easy on the internet, where every website you visit links to your IP address and identifying information. 

This data trail is astoundingly easy to follow, particularly with the increase in public WiFi usage plotting a virtual map of activities. 

Only those behind proxies or VPNs are safe from this kind of monitoring.

At the same time, most of us now carry a literal beacon on us at all times in the form of a GPS. 

To be sure there are great advantages, but it also just makes us easier to pin down by the ruling elite. You can run, but you can't hide.

Your Social Circle

They say it isn't about what you know, but who you know--and the government is just as interested in that as anything else. 

On the record, they already have a large list of your educational accomplishments, certifications, and licenses.

But they aren't satisfied with just that. 

Thanks to the cooperation of social media and other internet services, the government now has yet another way to tap into understanding everything there is to know about you by finding out who you associate with.

No doubt this comes under the pretense of preventing criminal activity; those associated with criminals are predicted to commit criminal offenses themselves. 

But criminal thought does not equate to criminal action, otherwise we'd all be behind bars.

Though most of us consider it an acceptable tradeoff that who we know is essentially public knowledge, that doesn't mean it isn't dangerous. 

With that kind of information is easy to isolate, bully and ostracize anyone with differing viewpoints. 

It's easy to make someone out to be a monster when you know everyone they've ever spoken with.

The Government Wants In

Like some kind of gang or mob, the government wants its own cut of everything you do. Their goal is to be a part of our lives in a way that makes them indispensable. 

It's a mixture of job security and ambition.

For that, expect to see digital implants soon. Marketed as a means of convenience, digital implants are sure to start off as a means of hands-free, cash free and device free payment. 

Identification that doesn't require an ID card. It's not just speculation; the technology already exists and is being used.

How much will you let the government know about you?

About the Author: Sandra is an online activist and blogger that sees technology as both an avenue for freedom and oppression. Her hope is that together we can stand strong against the many controlling interests that seek to use progress against us.

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