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Fixer Upper Couple Targeted By The Left For Their Faith

For viewers of the popular program Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, it came as a surprise this week when gossip magazines and tabloids such as Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed hit the couple with anti-Christian attack articles.

Lessons From Obama: Sacrifice the Future For Short-Term Political Gain

If Barack Obama had not taken the extreme measures that he did, we would be in the midst of a historic economic depression right now. But by propping things up in the short-term, he has absolutely demolished our long-term economic future.

Obama Transforms Palestinian-American Terrorist Into Victim

After years of silence, the Obama administration has finally spoken out about an American citizen who was killed in Israel. There's just one catch. The focus of the administration's sudden concern is not one of the 141 Americans who have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists. It's a Palestinian-American terrorist who tried to murder Israelis.

Other News

November 30, 2016Jimmy Carter Urges Obama To Divide The Land Of Israel Before January 20th

In an absolutely stunning editorial for the New York Times, former president Jimmy Carter has publicly called for Barack Obama to divide the land of Israel at the United Nations before Inauguration Day. ...

November 30, 2016Unbelievable SciFi Military "Weapons That Actually Exist"

It may sound like the kind of science fiction contraptions that would show up in a James Bond film or some other futuristic Hollywood spectacle ... but these weapons are now making their way to the battlefield....

November 30, 2016Why Are Palestinian Refugees Different From All Others?

The following fact may come as a surprise: forty years ago, on November 23, 1976, the United Nations condemned a country for resettling refugees. The next fact may be less surprising: the country was Israel....

November 30, 2016Copts Under The Gun In Egypt: Meet The New Persecutor, Same As The Old One

The end of the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt meant big changes. But just not for the country's beleaguered Christians....

November 30, 2016Europe Divided Over EU Army After Trump And Brexit

Debate has begun to heat up in Europe over the proposal to create a united European army separate from NATO. Isolationist sentiment has carried the day this year, as indicated by both the British exit from the European Union and Trump's presidential win....

November 30, 2016Fastest Growing Churches Teach Literal Interpretation Of The Bible

We have all read the headlines: Church attendance is shrinking and Christians are losing their faith. What those headlines often don't reveal is which churches are in decline and why. ...

November 30, 2016Ohio Attack Further Evidence Jihadis Worldwide Mimic Palestinian Terror Tactics

When Israeli police shoot Palestinians in the act of car ramming or stabbing, there is an outcry from Palestinians and international 'human rights' groups accusing Israel of 'extrajudicial executions'. How will they respond to the Ohio State attack?...

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