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Amerageddon: America Without Electricity

While a localized and short-lived blackout can be dealt with as an emergency situation and supplies trucked in from outside, a sustained national blackout would pull society into a lawless dark ages closer to the year 1100 than 1810, accompanied by mass starvation in a society suddenly unable either to produce or distribute sufficient food.

Which Items Will Disappear First During A Major National Emergency?

We can get some clues about which items will disappear first during a major national emergency by taking a look at where such a scenario is already playing out. One recent survey found that over 80 percent of all basic foodstuffs are currently unavailable in Venezuela, and about half the country can no longer provide three meals a day for their families.

Rise Of The "Nones" - Why People Are Leaving The Faith Of Their Childhood

An important new survey by Pew Research asks why people who were raised in religious homes but who now identify as religious "nones" - having no religious affiliation - decided to leave the faith of their childhood.

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August 26, 2016Is Russia About To Invade Ukraine?

In recent weeks, tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been massing at eight staging areas along Russia's border with Ukraine, and some Pentagon officials believe that this could represent preparations for a full-scale invasion. ...

August 26, 2016America's Looming Demographic Winter: Can We Avoid a Fertility Free Fall?

We've talked before about the fertility crisis facing China, Japan, and much of Europe--all of which face what has been called a "demographic winter." Until recently, the United States has been an exception to this distressing trend, but this seems no longer the case....

August 26, 2016Turkey's Exhausting Zigzagging Between East And West

Turkey's newfound love affair with Russia will inevitably have repercussions in Syria, and that pleases Iran. Not only will Turkey have to 'digest' that [Russian-Iranian-Syrian] line, it will have to join it, entering into a pact with Putin and the ayatollahs. Clearly, this is where Erdogan has decided is the best place to pledge his allegiance....

August 26, 2016Welcome to College: Ask the Right Questions

If your son or daughter is getting ready for college, you're probably feeling the mixed emotions of pride and nervousness: pride in your child's accomplishments and nervousness for . . . well, for a whole host of reasons....

August 24, 2016Hillary's Future Chief Of Staff Worked For A Radical Islamic Journal

Huma Abedin worked for Hillary Clinton when she was a U.S. Senator, when she was Secretary of State, and at this moment Abedin currently serves as her top campaign aide. If Clinton wins the election in November, it seems virtually a certainty that Abedin will become the White House chief of staff. She is already one of the most powerful women in America, and yet the vast majority of Americans have absolutely no idea who she is. ...

August 24, 2016Why Are The Pulpits Silent On Bible Prophecy?

Over 50% of Protestant pastors, according to a new survey, believe in a literal Antichrist -- but their pulpits are silent. Most pastors hold to the basic teachings of Christ's Second Coming -- but their pulpits are silent. Why?...

August 24, 2016France: "First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People"

The slaughter of French priest Father Jacques Hamel on July 26 in Saint-√Čtienne-du-Rouvray was significant. The church where Father Jacques Hamel was saying mass was nearly empty. Five people were present; three nuns and two faithful. Most of the time, French churches are empty. Christianity in France is dying out....

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