Woke Churches Continue To Spread Their Poison And Infect The Next Generation

News Image By PNW Staff July 09, 2024
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In the book of Jeremiah, we are reminded of the dangers of people pretending to speak for God when, in fact, they are spreading lies.

Jeremiah 14:14: "The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries, and the delusions of their own minds."

One such recent example is Presbyterian Pastor Rebecca Todd Peters, who preached that if Jesus were giving his Sermon on the Mount today, he might add, "Blessed are those who end pregnancies, for they will be known for their loving kindness."

Peters is on a mission to shift the Christian paradigm that abortion is not only not sinful but a good and moral thing to do.  She of course serves on the Clergy Advocacy Board of Planned Parenthood and often wears her Planned Parenthood stole when giving sermons. Peters ironically serves as co-moderator of the Faith and Order study for the World Council of Churches on Moral Discernment in the Churches.

She will often begin her messages by detailing her own reproductive history, readily volunteering that at 55, she is married, has two children, and has undergone two abortions.

"I felt God's presence with me as I made the decision to end two pregnancies, and I felt no guilt, no shame, no sin," she told the congregation in Chapel Hill. "A forced pregnancy or birth is not holy."

She went on to tell the Community Church of Chapel Hill: "Abortion is a moral good. Abortion is an act of love. Abortion is an act of grace," and finally: "Abortion is a blessing."

One wonders if church discipline still exists where rogue preachers can be reeled in by those higher up in the church body. However, this is the same denomination that just warned about the dangers of Christian support for Israel at its annual convention last month, suggesting such support was heretical. Heretical for believing God's promises to restore the nation of Israel and defend itself against Islamist murderers?

This denomination decided long ago that they would switch out the Word of God for progressive causes such as reproductive justice, same sex marriage, drag queen storytime in the church and anti-Israel teachings.  They are the perfect example of a woke church and thankfully as a result of it's teaching this denomination is dying fast.  

In fact so many Presbyterians have left the church that it is estimated the church could die out in two more generations.  In the meantime however, they are causing terrible damage to the body of Christ.

Not to be outdone, the Rev. Dr. Caleb J. Lines of University Christian Church in San Diego recently dressed up in Star Wars attire and declared to his congregation (with pride rainbow colors placed all over the pulpit) that Star Wars is compatible with the theology of Jesus. "God is that which is within us and all around us ... The Spirit of God ... is within you and around you, just like The Force, you see?

... I've learned to see God less as a divine being and more as a source of connection."

This theology of God simply being a force should not be too surprising after also declaring during church announcements that "We have actual Holy Week, we have the Theology of Broadway, and we have PRIDE, and those are big seasons here."

Equating Pride celebrations with Holy Week and the theology of Broadway? He didn't elaborate on the theology of Broadway, but it would be a stretch to suggest it aligned with scripture in any form.

Finally, we have the United Church of Canada, which last month dedicated a worship service to exegeting the "Progress Pride" flag for Pride Month and got some of the children in the "church" to participate in the recitation.

You will probably experience both anger and sadness as you watch the clip below and witness this "Christian Churche" brainwashing the next generation into LGBT indoctrination. 2nd Peter Chapter 3 warns us that in the last days there will be those who have the appearance of godliness but lack the power of the Holy Spirit. From such places, we are to turn away.

Watch the service below:

Apologist Ken Ham, in response to the rise of wokeness in the church, recently said this:

"What a state the 'woke church' is in! Well, the 'woke church' is not the true church. Compromise with the world and the thinking of today abounds.

Now, these compromises are very obvious—the lies are right out in the open, and the majority of Christians can see them for what they are: deceptions from the enemy. But most compromise is much more subtle (and the 'in-your-face' compromise usually starts out with subtlety). Christians need to be equipped to recognize and answer this subtle compromise, keeping their thinking aligned with God and His Word."

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