Biden State Department Funds Training Of 2,500 LGBT 'Allies'

News Image By SA McCarthy/The Washington Stand February 10, 2024
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The Biden administration is using the State Department to fund LGBT activism abroad -- again. According to federal spending database, the U.S. State Department awarded a $15,000 grant to Washington State University (WSU) for a "public diplomacy program." 

The government website explains that the program is designed to train 30 "master trainers" to become "LGBTQI+ allies, followed by these master trainers training another 2500 individuals on this theme." WSU hosted its three-day "train-the-trainer workshop" in India at the end of September.

According to WSU's official new site, the program's "priority" was "promoting a better understanding of diversity and inclusion and LGBTQIA+ rights..." The three-day program included sessions on "LGBTQ+ ally training," "What it means to be an ally," "Evolution of language/Defining LGBTQ+ language," "LGBTQ+ history: Worldwide, in the United States, and in India," "LGBTQ+ individuals and faith," and others. 

The workshop concluded with the U.S. Consul General of Hyderabad awarding participants with certificates of completion. The program's stated goal was to "increase the comfort levels of all participants regarding issues faced by members of the LGBTQI+ community and work toward a more equitable company, university, and society for all."

Meg Kilgannon, a senior fellow at Family Research Council, commented to The Washington Stand, "Hardly a day goes by without a revelation about talent or treasure being spent on perversion by the U.S. State Department. It's the worst kind of colonialism -- sexual colonialism." She continued, "And don't think that promotion abroad means the home front is safe from these manipulations. American school children and college students are offered the same content. Unrest at home and abroad is exacerbated by the Biden administration's maniacal push to normalize the dangerous and abnormal."

This is not the first time that the Biden State Department has used American taxpayers' money to fund LGBT activism abroad. Last year, Family Research Council published a report detailing the Biden State Department's commitment to LGBT ideology in foreign nations, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money to LGBT organizations and programs. The U.S. Mission in Botswana, for example, offered $300,000 in grant money to "carry out a program to promote greater social acceptance of LGBTQI+ persons, including among influential religious groups and traditional groups..."

Another grant was awarded to an Ecuadorian group to finance drag shows and produce LGBT films and documentaries. A similar State Department grant in Portugal was used to fund a film festival called "Queer Lisboa," which featured drag queens and media centered on incest and pedophilia. Other instances of State Department funds going to LGBT causes include supporting "queer Muslim writers in India, paying for classes for "transgender women makeup entrepreneurs" in Nepal, and promoting puberty blockers for children in Poland.

In some cases, the State Department's LGBT activism has strained or jeopardized diplomatic relations with other nations. Promotion of Pride month and same-sex marriage has landed U.S. diplomats in trouble with the Foreign Ministers of nations like Kuwait and Hungary, where same-sex marriage is illegal. When U.S. Ambassador David Pressman, who openly identifies as homosexual, criticized Hungary's laws, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó fired back, "[I]f he wishes to use his stay in Hungary to criticize the actions of a government elected by a clear majority of the Hungarian people and legitimized by the Hungarian people, he will have a very difficult job in working effectively to improve cooperation between the two countries."

The Biden administration has also funneled funding into LGBT causes abroad via the U.S. Agency for International Aid (USAID). Through USAID, the White House has often partnered with other governments and private firms to sink further millions into LGBT activism in foreign nations. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Biden administration has spent nearly $5 million promoting LGBT ideology in foreign nations as of June, 2023.

Originally published at The Washington Stand

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