The Day Israel Changed Forever - What Happens Next?

News Image By PNW Staff October 08, 2023
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Dear PNW subscribers,

We have entered into a new era in which the Middle East will never be the same.  Every major news organization is covering current developments going on in Israel and we will do our best to include stories and links to the most important developments.  

We have been blessed to develop many friendships and associations with people and organizations on the ground in Israel and hope to bring you stories from those living through the current situation so that you can receive first hand information.  Much of this information will change rapidly and our updates may be more frequent or at different times of the day to keep you informed on new developments.

While the mainstream news is analyzing the geopolitical realties on the ground we also plan to bring you a prophetic perspective on what is happening.  How do such events tie in with God's Word about Israel and the end times?  How will the involvement of other nations such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Russia, the United States as well as the United Nations impact the prophetic picture? 

While we are still in the early days of analyzing how all of this will play out in the bigger picture we believe there are several prophetic themes to be watching at this time.  One of those that we believe every person should familiarize themselves with is the potential impact of the Psalm 83 war.

The Psalm 83 War

In Psalm 83 Asaph petitions the Lord about about a confederacy of nations that will rise up against Israel.  There are many prophetic scholars who argue that this event is a reference to a future event and not something that has happened in the past.  If this perspective is right then Israel will find itself in another multifront war against several nations and groups of people in the Middle East.  Those groups include not only the Palestinians/Hamas/Islamic Jihad but also Hezbollah/Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria.  

Many people are familiar with the war of Gog/Magog found in Ezekiel 38 which involves Iran, Turkey and Russia invading Israel.  However where are Israel's other traditional enemies?  None of those named in Psalm 83 confederation are included in the Ezekiel 38 Gog/Magog Confederacy. 

Many prophetic scholars believe the Psalm 83 war will precede the Magog Invasion and result in Israel defeating many of it's neighboring countries, acquiring expanded territory and then proceeding to dwell safely in the Land (for a time).  In essence the Psalm 83 war sets the stage for the Magog Invasion. We are already hearing intelligence reports that the Hamas attack had the support of Iranian and Russian intelligence.

Will the current conflict with Hamas expand to include other nations and if so, will this set the stage for this prophetic battle of Psalm 83?

We encourage you to watch below Prophecy expert Bill Salus give an interview on the background to the Psalm 83 War and what might be coming next in the Middle East.

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