Custom mirrors: 5 methods to transform the interior into a work of art.

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Mirrors are traditionally associated with simplicity and versatility. But custom mirrors can transform any space, granting it sophistication and uniqueness. They open up endless possibilities for creativity, allowing you to realize bold ideas and create truly unique interiors.

These custom made mirrors, created according to individual sketches, turn into canvases of art, capable of not only reflecting, but also shaping the atmosphere. Let’s look at five methods of using custom mirrors to add character and expression to your room space.

Inspiring accents

woman in blue and white floral shirt holding her face

Custom mirrors can become central decorative elements that attract the eye and set the mood for the entire interior. Cut according to an individual sketch, they create unique patterns and shapes that break the usual lines and add dynamics to room space.

Using a variety of materials and processing techniques, you can achieve stunning visual effects. Mirrors inlaid with precious stones resemble shining works of a jeweler, and aged glass with faux abrasions adds vintage charm to the interior.

An unusual frame made of wood, metal or plastic can turn a mirror into a true art object. Bizarre patterns, engraved or laser cut, add notes of mystery and mystique. And the mirrors, decorated by hand using traditional crafting techniques, will become true master pieces of skilled craftsmanship.

The play of shapes also opens up endless possibilities for creativity. Mirrors that are curved, wavy, or made up of many facets create weird reflections that distort the usual reality. Such mirrors add fantasy, surreal notes to interior design, immersing you in the atmosphere of a fairy-tale world.

Architectural solutions

gray cabinet on top yellow and gray surface

Custom mirrors can visually change the geometry of room space, creating the illusion of depth and volume. Installed on the walls, ceiling or floor, they expand the boundaries of the room, filling it with light and air.

Mirrored partitions allow you to zone rooms without losing the coherence of rpm space. They can be made in the form of solid mirror panels or be openwork structures that let sunlight through.

Thanks to mirror insertions in interior doors, you can create incredible lighting effects and the illusion of an endless corridor. Solutions like that fill the interior with dynamics and play of reflections, turning it into a breathtaking spectacle.

Mirrors can transform not only walls, but ceilings as well. Built-in mirror panels on the ceiling visually lift it, creating a feeling of spaciousness and lightness. And the original shapes and patterns, formed by mirrors on the ceiling, will turn it into areal work of art and a delight for the eyes.

Art objects

clear glass chandelier

In addition to functionality, custom mirrors open up new dimensions for artistic expression. They become unique art objects that can transform room space into a contemporary art gallery.

Mirrors can be made in the form of abstract compositions, reflecting the play of light and shadow. And when using the sintering technique, glass acquires intricate patterns and color transitions, creating impressive visual effects.

To incarnate your bold ideas and implement any design choices, please, visit the website, where you can order a custom mirror according to individual sketches. Highly qualified specialists will bring to life the most daring ideas, creating truly unique mirrors that are able to completely change any interior.

Functional solutions


Despite their decorative purpose, custom mirrors can also perform practical functions. Thus, mirrored cabinets allow you to rationally use room space, turning ordinary pieces of furniture into respectable interior decorations.

And infinitely reflecting mirrors on opposite walls will help you to visually increase even the most cramped room, filling it with mesmerizing depth.

Mirror mosaic

white black and red abstract painting

Mirror mosaic visually adds volume and depth to a room, while simultaneously creating an indescribable play of light glares and reflections. This allows you to fill the interior with a special atmosphere and unique character.

Using fragments of different shades and textures, you can create incredibly picturesque compositions. Mate and glossy elements, splashes of colored glass and mirror shards inlaid into the mosaic will shimmer with all its facets, turning the wall into a one-of-a-kind sparkling canvas.

The shapes and patterns of a mirror mosaic are limited only by the designer’s imagination. They can smoothly flow from one pattern to another or form distinct geometric compositions. Large and small fragments can create impressive contrasts, bringing special expressiveness to the interior.

By combining mirror mosaics with other finishing materials, you can achieve a truly unique result. Mosaic insertions in wooden or rock walls will look like precious inlays, attracting attention and setting the tone for the entire room.


Custom mirrors open up endless possibilities for creativity, allowing you to design truly unique and memorable interiors. Using them as away to express individuality, bring life to room space and transform ordinary rooms into works of art.

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