Ultimate Guide to Playing Crazy Time in 2024: Tips & Strategies

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Live casino game shows like Crazy Time are becoming increasingly popular, offering a thrilling blend of action and interactive play. This game stands out with its vibrant format and dynamic gameplay, providing not only immense fun but also potential rewards. Whether you're new to live casino games or looking for new challenges, Crazy Time promises an engaging experience with its unique mix of strategy and chance.

What Are Crazy Time Games?

That is a captivating casino show developed by Evolution Gaming, featuring a large, colorful wheel with 54 segments. Sites like Metaspins have dozens of Crazy Times games in their live dealer collections. Players can bet real money on eight different outcomes, including four numbers and four unique bonus games. Each segment on this huge wheel represents a different payout or a bonus game, providing varied opportunities to win.

The excitement in CrazyTime is significantly enhanced by the Top Slot feature, which spins two reels simultaneously at the beginning of each game round. This feature randomly assigns a multiplier to one bet spot—either a number or a bonus game. If the top slot and the main wheel alignment result in a multiplier, any wins from this outcome are multiplied accordingly, dramatically increasing the payout potential.

Playing Crazy Time: The Process 

To dive into CrazyTime, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Bets: At the start of each round, select your chip size and place them (basically, your bets) on any of the eight available outcomes.

  2. Multiplier Reveal: After betting closes, the Top Slot spins, potentially adding multipliers to a randomly selected bet spot.

  3. Wheel Spin: The game's entertainer then spins the huge wheel. The segment on which the big wheel stops determines the winner. That easy!

  4. Payouts and Bonuses: Winning bets are paid out immediately. If the crazy wheel points to a bonus and you've made a bet on that segment, you'll participate in that bonus game, which could significantly increase your winnings.

Strategies for Winning Crazy Time

CrazyTime combines elements of luck with potential strategies to enhance your chances of winning:

  1. Diversified Betting: Spread your bets across numbers and bonus games to balance risk and reward. This approach keeps you in the game longer and increases your chances of hitting a bonus.

  2. Focus on Bonus Games: While riskier, placing bets on bonus games can lead to higher payouts. Each game offers a different theme and set of rewards, from the interactive excitement of Pachinko to the high-stakes thrill of the CrazyTime wheel.

  3. Martingale Strategy: Apply this classic roulette betting strategy by doubling your bet on the same outcome after a loss. This can be risky, so it's essential to set a stop-loss limit.

Can You Play Crazy Time for Free?

Most online casinos do not offer free play for live dealer games like CrazyTime due to the cost of operation and the live hosting involved. However, newcomers can often watch the game to understand its mechanics before placing real money bets. Some platforms may offer bonuses or promotions that effectively let you participate without an immediate wager from your pocket.

Finding the Best Crazy Time Games

To find the best CrazyTime experience, consider these factors:

  • Reputable Casinos: Choose well-known and highly regarded online casinos that partner with Evolution Gaming.

  • Promotions and Bonuses: Look for casinos offering bonuses that can be used on live dealer real-money games, potentially increasing your playtime without additional cost.

  • User Reviews and Ratings: Check out other players' experiences with CrazyTime at different online casinos to gauge the quality of streaming, host interaction, and overall gameplay.


CrazyTime is a 10/10 exhilarating entertainment option that unites the suspense of a game show with the interactive fun of a video game. With its colorful wheel, engaging hosts, and the potential for big payouts through multipliers and bonus games, CrazyTime offers a unique way for players of all skill levels to test their luck and enjoy a dynamic gaming environment!

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