A renewed smartphone - the smart and environmentally friendly choice

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Chats, messages, games, photos, videos, payments - smartphones have truly become an integral part of our everyday lives. Compact, convenient and always at your fingertips. But replacing or buying one is an increasing headache as smartphone prices soar. What to do?

The answer is simple: buy a refurbished or used smartphone from a trusted dealer. 

A refurbished/used smartphone will last as long as a new one

Very often we don't use a device to its full technical potential and replace it for reasons that are important to us. For example, according to estimates by US mobile phone retailers (Bankmycell), the average smartphone will last around 2.53 years in 2024. In other words, a large proportion of users want to replace their device every three years.

However, many phones are technically capable of lasting several years. This is determined by a number of factors: the durability of the device, the ability to update the software and how gently the phone is used. iPhones are said to live the longest - on average four to ten years. Samsung devices, on the other hand, are rated as very durable, so they will certainly last around five years with gentle use. The average life expectancy of these phones is three to six years.

Key benefits of refurbished appliances: price and environmental care

Buying a refurbished or second-hand smartphone can therefore save you money while maintaining an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Online shops offering such devices are becoming increasingly popular. The reason: they can be a real treasure trove. You may find models that are a few years old but no longer available elsewhere. It's a great opportunity to keep using your favourite smartphone because it has the best camera, the most comfortable screen or... you just don't want to try anything else. If you're on a budget, you may be able to buy a higher quality device here than in a regular store and stay within your budget. This is important because the big tech giants Apple, Samsung, etc. are increasingly thinking about the longevity of smartphones. User observation shows that business-class devices are durable enough to be effectively renewable and usable.

Refurbished or second-hand - depending on your needs

The AIO online shop offers a wide range of refurbished and used smartphones, from very simple models (for calls, instant messaging, online entertainment) to advanced devices for regular gaming, photography, video shooting for both work and personal use. 

All refurbished smartphones have been thoroughly tested and, where necessary, worn components have been replaced industrially. Also batteries. In particular, the devices meet specific quality standards. Also, all smartphones available, for example, at come with an official 24-month manufacturer's warranty, so they are safe to use.

Used phones are more difficult to describe, but are most often categorised according to the visual and technical condition of the device. For example, A+ means in perfect technical and visual condition, possibly with minor scratches on the case. A second-hand phone rated B will be in good working condition, but may have visible damage to the casing.

If you want to get good technology without overpaying for a smartphone and without compromising on quality, refurbished phone sections offer quality products that will help you in different situations and suit different budgets.

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