How To Shop Like A Pro Near Roma Termini

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Milan may get all the headlines for fashion, but you shouldn’t sleep on the shopping scene in Italy’s capital. There are dozens of neighborhoods and retail districts with upscale shopping that you’ll want to explore while you’re in Rome. Whether it’s an upscale boutique, groovy vintage store, or international designer brand, you’ll be able to find everything you’d want in Rome. 

It would be foolish to base your whole trip to Rome around shopping, there are simply too many world-class activities and historic landmarks you should explore. Planning your trip ahead of time can make it easier to fit some shopping AND all that sightseeing into one itinerary. Roma Termini is one of those spots you’ll certainly want to hit while you’re shopping around Rome. Also, it’s a good idea to store any unneeded luggage at Termini before you head out with your credit card in hand.

Here are a few tips for shopping near (and in) Roma Termini:

Where is it? 

Roma Termini is located directly in the city center, so it’s extremely easy to get to. It’s also the busiest station for getting around Rome via train. You’ll likely use this train station regardless of your shopping plans. Here’s the address:

Piazza dei Cinquecento 1

Rome, Latium  00185, Italy

Roma Termini Shopping Guide

Modern Rome will really surprise you with its travel, culture, and especially shopping. This is especially the case with central Rome’s main travel hub. Is Roma Termini a massive and busy train station? Is it also a unique shopping center that’s both elegant and convenient? Yes. 

When Roma Termini was remodeled, the developers looked for ways to elevate Rome’s busiest travel hub. The result was a gorgeous newly-built terminal and one of the city's most underrated shopping destinations. 

This isn’t merely a cluster of convenience stores and an overpriced food court, either. There are multiple levels of retail bliss at Roma Termini. Some of the most notable stores are Victoria’s Secret, COIN, and Sephora.

Roma Termini has a variety of shops, but the selection leans towards fashion boutiques. Shoes, accessories, sunglasses, and basically everything you’d need for your vacation are available. In terms of price point, it’s middle-of-the-road. Nothing is cheap, per se, at Roma Termini’s stores. At the same time, you won’t find anything excessively expensive either. 

Other Amenities

There are plenty of other features that make Roma Termini a must-hit shopping destination. Because it’s in Italy, the restaurant options in the food court are legitimately excellent. You can get a nice plate of pasta at not one but two trattorias on the premises, and there’s also a bar where you can celebrate a successful shopping spree with a glass of wine or negroni. 

All of these amenities can be enjoyed whether you’re shopping or not. If you’re jetting around Rome via train, you’ll likely stop at Termini to reach the city center, so stop in for a quick bite and a drink. 

Have a few hours? Explore the Area


While the central location is convenient, this is a great neighborhood to visit if you like to “live like a local' when traveling. While some in-the-know travelers will head to Monti for shopping, bars, and restaurants, it’s largely free of the hordes of tourists that will likely be a source of annoyance on any trip to Rome. The main stretch is located near the intersection of Via del Boschetto and Via Panisperna. 

You’ll find mostly bespoke boutiques, resale shops, and quirky independent shops that definitely appeal to a younger crowd. You’ll notice there’s a hipster factor here.   

Galleria Alberto Sordi

This shopping center (don’t call it a “mall”) is situated in a gorgeous building from the 1920s. 

Marble floors, a glass ceiling, and a cute espresso bar provide a chic and elegant vibe. The shopping matches the upscale setting, with a number of high-end boutiques peddling (mostly) Italian brands.

While it’s not necessarily exclusive, the price point of the merchandise keeps larger crowds away. Even if you’re not looking for anything in particular, just a quick stroll through Galleria Alberto Sordi will get you feelin’ fancy. 

La Rinascente

Odds are, you will likely end up near this high-end department store if you’re sightseeing in Rome. La Rinascente is located a stone's throw from the iconic Trevi Fountain and is a nice “rainy day” activity. There are five floors of retail at this department store, consisting mostly of high-end fashion and accessories. There is also kitchenware, home goods, and light furniture as well, but travelers will probably skip that floor! One floor not to skip is the sixth-floor food court with wonderful views of Rome’s skyline.

Spanish Steps

There are many reasons to visit the iconic Spanish Steps, many of which will involve Instagram. But the fact of the matter is, one of the highest concentrations of stores in Rome is clustered around the Spanish Steps. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, this can be a “one-stop” shop for your trip to Rome. A lot of these stores are more geared toward gifts and souvenirs, but there are a number of boutiques worth exploring. High-end designer brands like Armani, Prada, and Gucci all have locations near the Spanish Steps. 

If you’re heading that way (and if you’re planning your trip to Rome correctly, you definitely are), it’s more than worth a few minutes to peruse the bustling streets around the Spanish Steps. 


While most people correctly associate the city with its countless historic landmarks, shopping in Rome is one of the best activities you can do while you’re visiting. If you’re taking the train, Roma Termini’s unbeatable location near the city center makes it perfect for shoppers. Not only are there excellent stores and amenities (fitting for an Italian train station) inside Roma Termini, but the areas surrounding it have some of the best shopping in Europe! So don’t sleep on this particular train station when you’re planning your shopping sprees when visiting Rome. 

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