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Robert Downey Jr/Iron Man Causes Stir with Reference to Bible Prophecy Teacher "Chuck Missler"


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Robert Downey Jr/Iron Man recently appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as part of his promotion of the blockbuster hit Iron Man 3. 

During the interview Robert Downey Jr made reference to well known Bible Prophecy teacher "Chuck Missler" saying "love Chuck Missler" and was able to quote verbatim one of Missler's well known sayings - leading many to wonder if Robert might be more than just a passing fan of Chuck Missler but an avid follower and possible seeker of Christianity.

Many are now asking - who is Chuck Missler?

Kade Hawkins, director of Prophecy News Watch served on the Board of Chuck Missler's Koinonia House for over 16 years.  Kade believes Robert Downey Jr's reference to Chuck Missler has come at a critical time when "people are looking for answers to help understand many of the current events happening around us". 

To those who teach Bible Prophecy such as Chuck Missler, the events in Syria, Iran, Israel and throughout the Middle East are considered a foreshadowing of bigger events yet to happen - events that were prophesized thousands of years ago but possibly may now be just around the corner. 

Chuck Missler is one of many prophecy teachers that Prophecy News Watch follows to help keep people up to date with the latest news as it relates to the Bible. It's free newsletter is sent several times a week to over 175,000 subscribers, indicating this belief in the end times has a steady following. 

Some of the bigger names in this Christian prophecy subculture besides Missler include: Jonathan Cahn, John Hagee and Joel Rosenberg all having NY Times best selling titles. 

These men believe that the Bible should be taken seriously and that the prophecies it contains will literally come to pass.

Two Bible prophecies of note have been getting lots of attention due to increasing tensions in the Middle East. The first is a prophecy in Isaiah 17 which refers to Damascus becoming a "heap of ruins". 

Damascus has been one of the oldest continuously inhabited city on the planet and has witnessed at least 5,000 years of human history.

 It has yet to become a "heap of ruins" however with the threat of chemical weapons and increasing outside intervention now becoming a regular part of the Syrian conflict - it is not difficult to see how an escalation in the conflict could bring this to pass at anytime.

The 2nd prophecy involves a coalition of nations coming against Israel in the passages of Ezekiel 38-39. 

In this particular future conflict Iran is a major player referred to by its ancient name: Persia. Iran continues to play a proxy war with Israel in Syria by propping up Bashar al-Assad and arming Hezbollah. 

Any future conflict with Hezbollah could easily draw Iran into a conflict with Israel. While there is some speculation as to the identity of Gog and Magog many believe it to have reference to Russia. 

Considering the long standing alliance between Russia and Iran it would not be hard to see them leading an alliance of nations, similar to the US coalition that attacked Iraq, should Israel attack Iran's nuclear facilities. 

Israel has vowed that it will never allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons and many have speculated that Iran will pass Netanyahu's red line at some point this year.

A survey done two years ago by Pew Research found that 58 percent of Americans believe Jesus will return by the year 2050. 

While not all Americans have a good grasp of Bible Prophecy, clearly many are living in expectation of something big to happen in their lifetime. 

Bible teachers such as Chuck Missler and organizations such as Prophecy News Watch are hoping that you will take the Bible more seriously. 

Perhaps Iron Man may have just sparked that revolution